Maintenance Announcement

Hello everyone,

my hoster has informed me, that my server is no longer supported until the 31/11/2018. After this date, the server will not be able to run anymore.

To prevent this, I will migrate the old server to a new one on Saturday 14/07/2018. During the migration all services that are located on this server will not work, including:

When the migration is completed, everything should work again.

Thank you,


Cookie Clicker Cloud

Hey everyone.

I created a web extension which sync your Cookie Clicker game. You can upload your game by just clicking a button to my server and load it on another client. You can have as many savings as you want as well. There is also an autosave option, which is currently running all 5 mins.


[icon name=”chrome”] Download for Chrome
[icon name=”firefox”] Download for Firefox

Happy clicking,


Terms of usage

  • I’m not responsible if someone breaks into the safe and eats all you cookies
  • I’m not responsible if this addon breaks your game (you could simply delete the addon)
  • Don’t overload the server